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Comparison between the United States and Guatemala's poverty rate through gender: By RBL

Hello this is RBL and this blog will be based on the topic of poverty rates between the United States and Guatemala. If you don't know what poverty rate means, it's a  comparison of the number of people (in a given  group) whose income falls below the poverty line.  It's also used to see who needs help with paying for things like rent, healthcare, and car insurance. Poverty is a topic that impacts millions of people across the world, but it's about time that we learn that we learn and see poverty from a different perspective. Poverty rate depends on wealth, access to jobs, race, gender, and educational opportunities. The poverty rate for males in the United States is 17.1% but for females it’s 21.35%. . Guatemala’s poverty rate is 29.8%  for women and 24.6 % for men. We can see that in both countries there is more poverty for women than men. The research suggests that the poverty rate in Guatemala is about 50% more than the poverty rate in the United States. Bridgewat

Water AP #1 RBL

  In this action project I made an attempt to show how much water I use compared to an average person in the United States, and to a person in Norway. My main process for doing this project was trying to first figure out how much water I use in a day. I found out that I use 106 gallons of water everyday. When I compare my water use to the average American’s regular water use, I use less. This makes me somewhat surprised because I wouldn’t think that I would use so much water in a day. Now that I know how much water I use I’m not too surprised that the average American uses more than I do because they may have more ways to use it. The avera ge American uses 152 gallons per day. Some ways Americans could use water are using it to water plants, using it as a sprinkler for fun, or using it for washing dishes with a dishwasher. Even though I use less water than the average American, I do use more water than the average person in Norway which is 79 gallons per day. During our in person field