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Compassion is caring

 Hello and welcome to anorther blog by your's truly RBL. This blog was based off a podcast about compassion. This was a topic that's really important to me. Here is my recording if you would like to listen and read. Thank you and enjoy! " RBLandy · Compasion is caring Podcast Recoding Artists are the gatekeepers of truth...we are civilization’s radical voice.” -Paul Robeson  “I am a writer perhaps because I’m not a talker.”- Gwendolyn Brooks  My name is RBL  and my belief is compassion. For most of my life I’ve been in a poetry group known as Rebirth where we write about social justice issues.  For example in one poem, I wrote about Emmet Till. I wanted to show people the pain that Mamie, his Mother felt and what other black people felt when they heard about what happened to him. When thinking about compassion you want to help people to cope with their pain or try to understand other’s pain. Another reason why I believe in compassion is because it teaches people to

Oil overview

 This blog is about oil, for my school project I had to create a power point about oil, how it's used and how it's consumed. This was really fun to do because I got to learn a lot more about oil that I didn't really know before. Please enjoy my slideshow presentation.