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Biofuels are Cool - RBL

 Hello and welcome to this blog post, in it I will be showing you my video about biofuels and I why they should be looked and invested in more In my opinion biofuels are good reasorces that should be used more and if we don't invest now we won't be able to later. Sources:  Content made on Kapwing

Catching my dreams - RBL

  Hello and welcome to another blog post from me RBL! In this blog post I'll will be sharing about my homemade dream catcher and why it's important to me.   Most traditional Native American dream catchers are designed with a creator in the center. For me, the center of my dream catcher will represent the people who’ve been there for me to give me the opportunities that I have now. Some of those people are my family, my friends, and others who will help guide me through life. I want dreams that are happy and dreams that I enjoy to pass through the dream catcher so when I wake up I will feel happier. My white string on the top represents the peace in myself, it shows that my dreams will only bring good light to me and not dark thoughts. My middle blue string represents my thoughts and the hard things I had to go through while making this dream catcher. The circle part in the middle shows that I do make mistakes and that I'm human. I'm not supposed to be a perfect human be