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Football Shaped Filter

 I designed a water filter with three layers of filtration.  After we learned that we would not be able to make the filters at school, I had to adapt my design. I decided to cut two plastic bottles and put them together to make a double sided water filter. At first I wanted to make a filter that had more than one part. Here was my original design. But when it got closer to the time of turning in the filter on time this became harder to make. On top of that I also didn't have the materials to make this design. This made it harder for me to think of a good idea for the project. Then I noticed that my brother had a lot of bottles that he made art with. So I decided that I would make a filter that on one side there was the top where to water would be filter. On the other side the water would go down into your cup so you could drink it that way My filter is made from cutting two plastic bottles in half and attaching them. This is why it has a football shape. The water is filtered throu

Action project 3-RBL

  This is my storyboard, I did it off of SDG's 11 and 4, the idea is to show what education and cities look like now and is supposed to show what we could improve on after looking at these things.