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Are GMO's good as we think?

  Hello and welcome to my final blog for my class food. We began this smaller unit by talking and watching a documentary about the american farmer and scientist, Norman Borlaug . He figured out a way to breed plants together to help make them more resistant to many plant diseases that sprouted up in places like Mexico and in India. We also talked about how to analyze the male and female parts of different plants that help their reproductive process.  We did that by going into our neighborhoods and found some flowers ourselves, then we drew pictures of them. Once we drew the pictures we analyzed the male and female parts of the plants to see how Norman Borlaug was able to breed them. On our last field experience we went to a farmers market to see how different farmers produced their plants. We also got to learn about the process of organic and non GMO foods, and that's what I'll be talking about in this blog. I don't support GMO's because they can become very toxic and i