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Farms over foraging by RBL

                Hello this is Rbl and in this blog I will be telling you about why farming is better than forging. 1 reason why I see farming better than foraging is because we can look at some of the earliest farmers who lived in Fertile Crescent, a region in the Middle East including modern-day Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Palestine, southeastern Turkey and western Iran. We can look and see that farming can be a source of wealth then to comparing it to foraging you can’t usually make profit from foraging. Another reason why I think foraging is worse than farming is because 2 billion  people  use farming where as  5 million  people have  subsisted by  foraging. This shows that more people in the world use farming than foraging making farming a lot more popular in the world. Even though farming is a great source of wealth, there are some things that can cause major issues with farming. For example to farm you need a good place to farm, a good place for rain, the right tools to farm,  a