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The SWEET history of a sweet potato - RBL

The sweet history of the sweet potato Hello there viewers my name is Rbl and in this blog I'm going to tell you all about sweet potato's. This blog is for my class called food for thought. In it we've been learning about food culture, foods from older   civilizations. We've also been learning more about our families cultural history by making family trees like mine here: We also learn about food production and how food is developed in different ways and how we can develop them ourselves. For on of our field experiences we even got to go to metropolis coffee, a coffee company that roasts and sells their own coffee, sells and bags it for others to use in their daily lives.  From that F.E I learned how coffee is made, packed and sold to others who like to drink coffee. Here's a picture of one of their coffee roasters: So now that you know the specifics about my class it's time to show my sweet potato video so you can see it for yourself, thanks for visiting my blog