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Action Project #1 by RBL

Why good health care and well-being should be a human right  Made by RBL GCE Lab School, Fall 2020, SDG's and you, healthcare, Essay Hello my argument in this blog will be to show why good healthcare and well-being should be a human right in the United States. I have written this essay for a class called social development goals. These goals were made by the United Nations and were meant to be hit by 2030 My main guiding question is how does the United States health care compare to health care around the world? In this assignment I was trying to answer why the cost of healthcare is meant to be paid and how the total amount compares to other countries. I'll start off by asking you a simple question, " What are the biggest health issues around the world?" Of course there is the coronavirus that is spreading by storm and killing 3 to 6 thousand people per day around the world. Other health issues li ke heart disease, cancer, and other common diseases have also been takin

RBL GCE portfolio

Hello! My name is RBL and I’m from Chicago and have lived here for all of my life. This blog and future blogs will be posted as a photo essay. I recently discovered an interest in this topic and I would like to expand on it more. I also chose this topic because I was in an art program over the summer where we took different photos. Because of that, I want to expand on photography and see what other types of images I could create. In this blog, I also want to show different pictures and images that represent who I am. In this blog I also want to show senses through my photos. I will show senses by getting pictures of these things like murals, foods, and people in my neighborhood.   For the most part I have always lived in Chicago ever since I was young. From when I was 3-8 I lived on the west side. From 10 to now I’ve lived in different parts of the south side. One of my most significant memories from Chicago was getting to graduate as my grade’s salutatorian. The most interesting part