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Hello! My name is RBL and I’m from Chicago and have lived here for all of my life. This blog and future blogs will be posted as a photo essay. I recently discovered an interest in this topic and I would like to expand on it more. I also chose this topic because I was in an art program over the summer where we took different photos. Because of that, I want to expand on photography and see what other types of images I could create. In this blog, I also want to show different pictures and images that represent who I am.

In this blog I also want to show senses through my photos. I will show senses by getting pictures of these things like murals, foods, and people in my neighborhood. For the most part I have always lived in Chicago ever since I was young. From when I was 3-8 I lived on the west side. From 10 to now I’ve lived in different parts of the south side. One of my most significant memories from Chicago was getting to graduate as my grade’s salutatorian. The most interesting part about it was doing it during the corona virus and doing from a parking lot.  

I live in Bronzeville, the neighborhood is a historic part of Chicago because in the 1920-1950’s there were many riots and many acts of protest in that time. I’ll represent this by showing different images and photos of what those times looked like. There are also a lot of important black people in history who lived In Bronzeville too. Some people who lived in Bronzeville at some point Gwendolyn Brooks, Richard Wright, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Coleman, Ida B Wells, Andrew Foster. 

Here is some of my pictures and other pictures too: 

Image result for Gwendolyn BrooksGwendolyn Brooks

Image result for Richard WrightRichard Wright
Ida B Wells
Image result for Ida B WellsImage result for louis armstrong

Louis Armstrong                    
Image result for Andrew Foster
Andrew foster 
Image result for bessie coleman Bessie ColemanThank You for veiwing and I hope You have a good day!        


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