Baking powder vs. Baking soda

 Hello and welcome to this blog! in my food for this spring term we got to learn about agriculture and how to grow our own plants. Some things we got to during this term were getting to go to uncommon ground. We got to see their beautiful rooftop garden where we learned how they grow their from their roof, and see how they get it to their tables. This term we're learning about cooking and how to make different meals and foods at home. Since food has to do with a lot of measuring it's important that we got to learn how to do different math as well. Some of those things were how to identify different variables. How to add,subtract,multiply, and divide different fractions. We also learned about how different things can cause a spike in our meals, like emulsifying, leaving, and proteins from our prehistoric porridge experiment. We got to learn about how porridge leavens overtime.

For this action project I had to make a food but I have to substitute a either a leavening, protein, or emulsifying ingredient in the food I'll make, for this experiment I'll be making pancakes but with one type I'll use baking powder and replace it with baking soda and my goal is to see which is better for making pancakes.  

The other person I'm working with for this is RMC he's making a burger and substituting the patty for a portobello mushroom, you can check his blog here: 

Here's the pancake recipe I'm using if you ever want to use it yourself:


But without further to do let's begin the experiment!


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